Emmanuel Delcour 
Specializing in creative fusion cuisine, Emmanuel Delcour, also known as “Emmanuel Flavor” is an accomplished chef, graphic designer and actor. He was born and raised in the beautiful Southwest of France, Bordeaux, cradle to the most amazing traditional dishes and products France has to offer. As a child, the moments spent with his family and friends around the table, and the love shared in every bite, served as his first inspiration to become a chef. He describes his work as “all about expressing love and passion through creativity”. 
After attending with honors the prestigious North-American Novelli Academy, and shining as the Big Food Star in the CHEF ACADEMY Show on Bravo Television, Chef Emmanuel apprenticed with Master Chef Christophe Emée at the World-renowned Ortolan in Beverly Hills, California. His passion for pleasuring with incredible food continues to grow without limits. His mentor celebrity Chef Jean-Christophe Novelli described him as “The New Jamie Oliver.” 
As an actor he has appeared on CSI: Las Vegas as a guest star, and many other films and commercials. As a model he has worked with legendary photographer David LACHAPELLE and was featured in Men's Health Magazine. His background in graphic design, working in the best advertising agencies in France, his endless inspiration and creative spirit gives him the talent to create visually stunning looking food. 
Delcour currently lives in Venice Beach, California and travels frequently to France. In his spare time, he is researching new ways to feed love with a French touch.